Green Morning to one and all !

I am Somshekhar and I belong to the city of Pune, Maharashtra. This is the city where my career started and I became an eternal part of “Green Planet Family” too. I would say that I have been working with “Green Planet Family” from the very beginning of the mission “Save the Mother Earth” and never looked back since then. And here I am today, with more than One & a Half decade of magnificent experience as a teammate of our “Green Planet India Team”.

I have worked with the petrochemical industry for about 25 years and after that I realised that I should work with an organisation like Green Planet and I am happy and lucky to be working here with the commitment to remove the "Hidden Hunger" from the world.

I strongly feel that I have been fortunate enough to be a component of an ever growing family of Green Planet which works for multiple genuine causes and for the betterment of the society that we live in, ultimately benefiting myself with each step of progress. I got to learn many things and upgraded myself while working with my associates and consumers.

I believe that, working with people all around, teaches us way more than what our universities can teach us. That is the beauty of Green Planet & the Direct Selling industry. Teamwork, Self-motivation, motivating and educating our team, learning and taking guidance from seniors, all these things make us an ideal leader and distributor.

I would like to thank:

  • Firstly our CMD – P. P. Saini sir and MD Kamaljeet Singh sir
  • The best quality and result oriented variety products of Green Planet Bio Products.
  • The constant backend support and timely information provided to all our associates and consumers by Green Planet Customer Care Support Team.
  • The Green Planet Management Staff.
  • And last but not the least - to every individual who is a part of Green Planet Family, be it in distribution or consumption of products, because everyone’s contribution matters and makes a difference.

I urge people from all age groups to come join our persistent family and have a beautiful experience. Teach us and Learn from us.

Thank you!!!!

Rajesh Bubane

Green Morning, My Name is Rajesh Bubane & since from 13 years i am in Green Planet Mission. In my trainings i always say GREEN PLANET is a "KALPVRUKSHA". Under which you can avail anything.

I am truely satisfy & happy here. I believe that company Mission, directors ,company staff ,all products ,my Team is blessed by divine power. Knowing is not enough, we must apply & wishing is not enough ,we must do .We can clearly see our next Generation is also with Green Planet Family.

I have achieved a Lot from Green Planet. All Dreams are coming True here. Because of Green Planet I am Driving My Dream Car Audi & Become Millionaire from a Middleclass family .Foreign Tour ,Bungalow , Property , Agricultural Land , Recognition , work satisfaction & mostly Blessings from Farmers by Heart are some other Achievements. which is possible only in Green Planet.

From the depth of my Heart, i always Thanks Green Planet Family. We did Great Work, but i believe The Best is yet to Come. i invite all new one to join Green planet & fulfill your Dreams also. Love you All.

Prakash Magar

Green morning, I am PRAKASH MAGAR from ahmednagar, Maharashtra. My experience with Green Planet family till now was just adorable where these 15yrs went just can't recognize. When I started with green planet company my financial background was not so good. I completed my technical diploma. I was working in government transport department but i was not able to fulfill all my dreams so I left my job because i was not happy with my job and income was also not good but i was having a willpower to achieve success in my life . One is never born great it is the willpower and the action that make one great. That time I was searching for the opportunity to be financially strong so that I have given to my family a good life and career. Then in 2006 I heard about the green planet company and his mission to save the mother earth.

When I studied deeply about the green planet mission, the mission was so big about save the mother earth and I started my new journey with green planet. I was very happy with my work and I fulfilled all my dreams. During my journey I faced many challenges on my way sometimes I felt like I should give up but my mindset was to achieve success in life.

Entrepreneurs have a mindset that sees the possibilities rather than the problems created by change.

Green planet products and management gave me confidence and support to work with all India farmers. By working with green planet i started achieving many things in life. Now I have 2 cars, 2 offices and staff for the business development.

I had one dream to go to the foreign tour and green planet made my dream come true I just not visited one country but Thailand, France, Switzerland and many more. Always keep one thing in mind if you can dream it, u can do it. Today I am working in many states of India (Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka) and worked with thousands of farmers in India. In upcoming 5yrs I have taken a challenge to make 1000+ people financially free .just like a potter this company has molded me into a confident human being just not me but many peoples in India. With the help of Green Planet, I achieve top recognition in company and now i am a ruby star and tried to achieve the all. Everyone has the ability to achieve the success but the thing that you need is proper guidance and clear focus on your goal. Success starts with your attitude. Attitude determines your thoughts. Thoughts create your routines and routine determine what daily actions you take your action determine your "SUCCESS". Last but not least success in on your u just have to follow .It is just the beginning the best is yet to come so be ready with the best mindset.

Thank you!!!!

Mir Gulzar Ahmad

Green Morning. I am Gulzar Ahmad Mir. For every happening, three factors viz. Time, Mode and Place are destined. In my case, it was in the year Oct.2005, Very thanks to Allah for gives me this Business opportunity through a friend of mine hailing from Punjab, came to Srinagar on a business trip. While paying a courtesy call on me, he talked about Green Planet Mission. The purpose and motive of the Mission as narrated by him, had such an appeal that without losing anytime, I got associated with it. After the use of the products of the first pack, the highly positive results induced a lot of confidence in me and I started associating my contacts with the Mission. With every passing day, it gained momentum with my personal efforts, the efforts of my team members and above all the purposeful guidance and cooperation of my seniors in the Mission. I am a witness to the speedy growth of Green Planet Bio Products over the last several years and feel proud to be a member of the G.P. fraternity. An overview of the achievements till date, gives me lot of satisfaction in so far as realization of realistic dreams is concerned.

Our achievement in life normally moves through the following stage:

  • Desire and Dreams
  • Goals
  • Planning
  • Belief and Action

Anirudha Dinkerrao Pimple

I am Anirudha Dinkerrao Pimple. I am completed my M.A (Geography). I live in my small village Kader , tq. Omrga distt- Osmanabad at Maharashtra state. Before join this company firstly, I use the products of Green Planet in my own farm when I realized its results and improvements in crops yield then I started to working and told others to join the mission “Save the Mother Earth”.

Green planet is eco-friendly business it is safe for environment. Green Planet is the one of the company that works ground levels and gets direct benefits to the farmers. These products also protect our soil from chemical fertilizers etc.

The company established according to the companies Act [1956] and follows all the rules and regulations as per the law considered. Green Planet have a various categories of the products like agricultural, Homecare, Vetcare , Healthcare, Personal care and daily uses product. All the products have its own feature, effectively works and gave better results. It’s give you healthy life style and take away from all diseases.

This is the most wonderful opportunity to join the Green Planet. Hence, here is not any frauds and fake advertisements to exploit the users. Green Planet is great source of income however we would achieved or anyone wants to success join in Green Planet. Firstly, gets an experience and work without taking any break. Here all the dreams and desire comes true and fulfill as soon as possible.

Green Planet company also motivates their associates with giving attractive offers and prices so i.e. mobiles ,Laptops , bikes ,Car’s , Local trips ,Foreign tours etc. Company also provides training programme to their associates. I invites to all Indians to come and join the Green Planet in the mission “Save the Mother Earth”. Jai hind, Jai Green Planet.

Kanchan Singh kushwaha

Green Morning . This is Kanchan Singh kushwaha. I joined in green planet bio products on 16-05-2010. The purpose of this company was integrally related to my passion. Therefore, I started doing this work for my heart. Eventually I got what I wanted. My motive was not to earn money so I started holding seminars and meetings on my own budget. I even did not demand money from the company and my team members . I only work for my goal. I did what I could do to achieve my goal. The company also helped me a lot. Laxmi and Lakshya both began with same letter “L”. if person has a goal then money will follow him/her and if he run after money then money would go away from him. Therefore human being should act with courage and passion. I believe that first of all, by starting positive and good thoughts in your mind you should make a determination to embody one of the best ideas, and then get involved in realizing your ideas with understanding. Once you are fully engaged in your work, no obstacle will be able to stand in front of you. Even it is natural that our enemies whom we fear intimidate us by taking a new form what as we prepare to fight against them , they become sluggish and get out from your ways.

One time Event, A person was going somewhere on the way suddenly a monkey stopped his path and started staring at him. The person ran scared. The monkey also started following him because of fear the person sweating profusely. Then a loud voice came from somewhere “ Stay Stop! To complete, Put your Eyes in its eyes”. The person stopped and did the same as the loud voice said to him. He stopped and stared at the monkey, full of hard confidence. The monkey thus repeated and run away, when he saw him an combat. The person breathed a sign of relief then looked in the direction of the voice. Swami Vivekanand stood there smiling. He said “ The more you run away from the troubles, The more they afraid you and will chase you “. But when you are grewing up to hand two to them , they will run away like this monkey. So “don’t run , learn to compete”. I just want to say that you can overcome all your struggle, failure and despair. Then see how soon your rejuvenation happens and you will counted among successful people. For this you have to come forward and fill your mind with thoughts of success. The sense of failure has to be taken out of the mind. Dout, suspicion and despair have to be discarded. Then see there is no such force in the world that can stop you from succeeding. “ Do it with passion, Or not at all”

Hanuman Kadam

Green morning Everyone. My name is Hanuman Nagnathrao Kadam. I am with Green planet since 3 to 4 yrs. I have very great loving experience with company. I got a great opportunity. The work is great, motto is great. I liked the products. They are need of time. I salute the products and devotion of the owners of Green planet. I experienced that the owners Mrs Kamaljit sir, Mr Saini sir and their family members are 100 percent devoted, that motivates all of us to work for the great motto of the company and off course for our future also. I experienced the well planned, United and liberal attitude.. Save the mother earth is very great work. I feel proud with company to work .Company also gave me very big respect and honoured me from time to time ,which I deserve or not, I don't know. I also got marvelous leadership guidance from many great leaders that are Mrs Manchakanna, Mr Bunne and Mr Kamaljit sir. I earned name, fame, respect, love and money from our Green planet group. I love and respect for the kind teachings, help and Co operation of the great Mr Sukvindar sir and total staff of Green planet. I saw the company office in Jalandar. There also the staff treatment was loving and kind. I was really grateful as company sent me birthday gift and corona protective masks, delivered at my native place, great experience. Company respected me ,such a normal man, as Ruby on the big stages, that I felt very much proud and pleasant. I also promise to work for our great motto SAVE THE MOTHER EARTH. Thank you.

Naseer Rustom Patel

I am Naseer Rustum Patel, Village Shivani, Tq., District - Latur, State - Maharashtra.

I am from a farming family! My education teacher diploma is done! But I did not want to do the job, so after completing my studies I was doing farming! Also wanted to do a business together, then I was informed by Green Planet Bio Products about this company, Save the Mother Earth, this mission and I joined this company on 31 August 2013! My only purpose for joining was money.

When I started working in this company, since then till today i.e. these 7 years of experience is such that, if you come in this company for the purpose of earning money, then you can earn a lot of money too! You have some dreams, the dreams that you have to fulfill can also be fulfilled! If you want to do some social work, then by joining this company, you can also do social work, you feel that you have some obligation towards this nature, then that responsibility can also be fulfilled by you! And you can also contribute to the development of this country! And you can have a healthy life too.

That is, if you join for any purpose, then all these tasks can be completed by you.

During a training program in Jalandhar Punjab in 2014, when I met the company's CMD and the company's MD Dr. Kamaljeet Sir and Dr. PP Saini Sir, I realized that I am not "working in a company, Rather working with a family! " When I heard him during that training, I realized that life is not just to live for ourselves, but we also have some responsibility for this society, this nature, this country, we also have some duty to fulfill it. To live life and this Green Planet Bio Products Company's mission- "Save the Mother Earth" gives us a chance to fulfill all these responsibilities and Dreams in life.

All the products of this company and the products that are made, they fulfill their task.

The MD and CMD of this company Kamaljeet sir aur Dr. PP Saini sir stands with us like a family member in every situation, and encourages us to guide us, what to do in this situation, what to do to move forward, what to change in life ! What changes must be made at this time.

The education and training system of this company is very tremendous! Always guides us in the right direction! And due to getting the right direction, we are able to reach our goal in a short time.

By joining this company, I am fulfilling my dreams along with money, and I want to fulfill the dreams of people like me as well as to maintain balance in nature, to contribute to the development of the country.

I thanks the person who connected me to this mission of Green Planet - Save the Mother Earth! And I thankful about the management group of company and Kamaljeet sir, Saini sir, Sukhwinder sir Parveen Mam and all the staff of the company for all this opportunity to make my life successful and meaningful.

Thank you n thanks alot!!

Sanjay Damodar Gite

Green Morning! I am Sanjay Damodar Gite. I Lives in paithan. I joined this company in October 2017. At the starting we had used the products of company in our own farms.We had better results than ever on sweet lime, onions, garlic, cotton etc. Firstly our villagers saw the results of our farms and they were satisfied by saying our farms results and from then our Journey starts. During the short time many people start asking about the company’s products. We started telling the people about green planet company slowly slowly, people started buying company’s products and they also got better results than other company’s products.

Then we opened miniwarehouse in paithan. Customers who had used our products got their yield double. And they got huge profit. Our products were also useful to fight against diseases of plants. The resistance power of plants increases. In short time many customers started supporting us. We started giving our products and company information to farmers. Many people joined our company. We gave GPK to most of them and gave a chance to earn money.

Our Healthcare Products like Noni Neut Juice, Tulsi Drops, Orthosol, Pilolock, Aloevera Juice, Pure Honey were very useful to fight against many disease. Many people were recovered from their illness. Due to huge support of customers and guidance of Mr. Jagdale sir, Saudagar sir, Shinde Sir, Suryavanshi sir we achieved ruby level only in two years. This became true possible due to quality products of our company. Beside this our company did not stop and every year it launches new products. Our Company’s Slogan is “Mission: Save the Mother Earth”. This slogan is very meaningful and we are inspired to make our mother earth healthy.

Organic Farming is Need of an hour due to chemical fertilizers diseases like cancer, heart attack are increase in day by day. Its our responsibility to save people from such diseases.

Hariram Goswami

I am Hariram Goswami from Tehsil Post Depalpur, District Indore Madhya Pradesh. My shop was a chemical pesticides fertilizer shop by past several years. Then I closed it and joined the Mission Save the Mother Earth in the Green Planet Bio Product Company. I had no idea about any type of network marketing business and I did not have any knowledge about this business.

MD of Green Planet Dr. Kamaljeet Singh, I heard him at one of the meeting. He explained all of us that through this mission we serve the nation. From the same day I had been start thinking to join the mission. Then I had started to aware the farmers about this mission. Farmers were very happy to know that they can join the mission and they can also Save the Earth from chemical fertilizers and can serve the nation. Company’s all products are organic and eco-friendly as well as products gives excellent results on all types of crops. I recommend to other people to join the Company.

I suggest to the company to listen associate’s problems. If any associate does not want to work with his leader, then company need to allow this associates to join another leader team. So that he can quit team leader but not the company. I also want to suggest that company should provide product training as well as marketing plan training.

Sudarshan Hanumant Nanaware

Green Morning all of you. My name is Sudarshan Hanumant Nanaware. I am the son of farmer. I joined the Green Planet Mission (Save the Mother Earth) in 2010 with farming. In past ten years I got cause to live Happy and destiny life due to Green Planet Company. Company has been launching many good products related to agriculture, vetcare, healthcare, homecare, personal care. These good quality products are cheap as well as give excellent results on different crops and health.

Due to These products, production cost has reduced and the production in their crops have increased. Farmers get very good rates of their crops, vegetables, fruits. These products are pure organic so there is no bad effect on soil fertility. Due to these products, our mother earth is becoming chemical free.

The Green Planet Group creates awareness among farming and non-farming communities about safe and nutritious food to reduce the problem of Hidden Hunger syndrome caused by nutrient deficient food. Green Planet encourages the production of various types of composting, including vermi-compost and slurry production, composting of bio waste at the farm site. Yield produced by these bio products are well nutritious which keeps our next generation safe from many different diseases.

Green Planet Company gave us chance to earn money to fulfill our dreams. Today the glorious life which I am living is credited to only Green Planet. The company's thinking, understanding, motive is clear and true. Whoever join the company become member of the Whole Green Planet Family. Staff of the company is very supportive whether it is old or new, all work very well with their full dedication. Management take care of us more than our families. I am proud to be member of company and I am giving my full contribution to save Mother Earth. Life has given a great opportunity to do something good in the form of Green Planet. Close your eyes and work with the company, you will get a lot of success. Thanks

Rajendra sen

I am Rajendra sen from mahasamund Chhattisgarh and my suggestion regarding to company was that the meeting and seminar which are going should be strong and and the leader meeting should be done by professional speaker .And for beauty varieties of products should be increase because we have less no. Of products regarding to face tone and colour senses and and training for women should be speed up because it is generation of women and training for it is not growing and stock delivery is going up to time we no suggestions for stock point and gpk because they are going very nice and no issues are there all the things are that power talks etc activity should be conducted regularly and I wanted to say that young generation is growing and attracting to wards this opportunity so online webiner should be conducted for them and give them motivation to work on this platform many companies are working on youngster's now because they have good sense of this opportunity.

Now I wanted to share my experience regarding to company which are that the company tour are very nice conduct every time and because of green planet I am able to visit my countries and other forgrian countries and I learn the living style and also feel aa luxurious life by the help of green planet.And now because of green planet I get aa opportunity to represent my self as a great leader and marketing consultant as well as i learn the market started lots of work and now I now to how to do business as well as I also know that what is entrepreneurship and what is network marketing by the help of green planet I learn how to be a leader and how to speak on the stage by it my stage fear is now over now I feel very happy while doing this work. I like to also thanks kamaljeet sir and P.P saini sir to motivate us time to time and because of green planet today I am successful person in my society.

"Thank you green planet"