Bhoomi Power

Bhoomi Power

Bhoomi Power is an organic granular formulation with long lasting technology for enhancing growth and development of the plant. It contains humic acid, vitamins, amino acids and seaweed.

Balanced Nutrition for plant growth

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Sizes Available :
  • 4 Kg - ₹ 1100 (₹ 275 / Kg)
  • 12 Kg - ₹ 2700 (₹ 225 / Kg)
( MRP Inclusive of all taxes )
Category: Agriculture (Nutrition) | Brand: PowerPlant

Bhoomi Power is an  organic product which is totally chemical free. It has granular formulation . This tecnology is  used for  long-lasting results which helps the  plants to grow and develop. It is made up of many useful components like Humic acid, vitamins, amino acids and seaweed as well.

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