In today's workplace, choosing a career doesn't necessarily mean you have to stick with that line of work for your entire life. Make a smart decision, and plan to re-evaluate down the line based on your long-term objectives. There are multiple things to consider. Like: natural talents, work style, social interaction, work-life balance, whether you are comfortable in the public eye and finally, how much money you want to make. Pick a path that feels right today by making the best decision you can, and know that you can change your mind in the future.

Changing occupation is an important aspect of career and career management. Over a lifetime, both the individual and the labour market will change; it is to be expected that many people will change occupations during their lives.

There are some following reasons for career changing

  • Poor or ineffective leadership.
  • For the improvement of work/life balance.
  • Contributions are not being recognized.
  • For better compensation and benefits.

Green Planet Career Opportunity

Our career opportunity as an associate is based on membership programme which explode the market by giving very good results on various crops as well as giving good opportunity for unemployed persons and farmers to earn more money. We support individuals to develop and manage their career. The activities may take place on an individual or group basis, and may be face-to-face or at a distance (including web-based services). We support individuals to develop their self-awareness, opportunity awareness, and career management skills.

We commit ourselves to the growth and make every tomorrow better than today. We work together with our associates and teams as a family to understand about the advantage of liquid organic fertilizer to improve the natural fertility of soil that produce nutritious food without damaging the soil environment. It is our pledge to deliver happiness to every individual who comes into the Mission – “Save the Mother Earth”. We empower people to support others so that everybody is working with clarity and freedom to achieve and deliver happiness to all the society.

Finally, we welcome those who have positive attitude and want to join their hands with good cause in the service of humanity to take our mission towards the unimaginable heights.