CEO Message

The Green Planet Group creates awareness among farming and non-farming communities about safe and nutritious food to reduce the problem of Hidden Hunger syndrome caused by nutrient deficient food. Continuous use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and lack of organic manure in the soil caused degradation of soil. We started training programs to train the farmers as well as non-farmers about the advantage of liquid organic fertilizer to improve the natural fertility of soil that produce nutritious food without damaging the soil environment. We also train our team to demonstrate the benefits of organic fertilizers. Produce publication of case studies and best practices, video films posters and other awareness materials to reach out to organize workshops, seminars and exchange programs for consumers, farmers in the related areas. Encourage the production of various types of composting, including vermi-compost and slurry production, composting of bio waste at the farm site. We focus on unemployed youth to develop a skilled to train farmers to do farming in environmentally friendly way.