Scientific Name: Phoenix dactylifera


Important note:

As precautionary measure and disease control in every crop:

Seed treatment with PPST @20 ml/kg should be done to reduce disease infection and increase initial growth.

Spread all 90 should be used with every/any Green Planet Products to enhance efficiency of product.

PPFC should be applied 4-5 days prior to premium.

PP Nitro King along with premium can be given during soil treatment to overcome nutritional deficiency.

PPFC and Fungo Hit can be rotated at intervals to prevent resistance in crops.

For horticulture crops, apply Power Plant Bloom along with Nitroking and Premium during soil treatment.


SEED TREATMENT: PPST is used for seed treatment.


Recommendation and dosage: - Use PPST@ 50 ml for 1 acre of seed.


Direction of Use: - Spray product as a fine mist to obtain thorough coating of seeds. Dilute with water if necessary to obtain uniform coating. Use as little water as possible. Mix seeds until they are dry and do not stick together. Keep seeds dry until planting. Plant seeds as usual.


SOIL APPLICATION: - Use POWER PLANT PREMIUM in soil to enhance natural fertility of soil.


Recommendation and dosage: - Use Power Plant Premium @1-2 Liters/Acre.


Direction of Use:-  PP PREMIUM can be applied to soil by any conventional method such as Mixing with dry soil, FYM, vermicompost, city compost, cow dung, and apply uniformly in 1 acre of land.  Additional dose of Grow is recommended after one month of seedling or transplanting by drip irrigation or drenching.


 Vegetative Growth Stage:-

1st Spray 20 days after sowing or transplanting

(Use GROW@2ml/liter + Nitro king@3ml/liter + PPFC @2.5 gm/liter of water)

2nd Spray 10 days after first spray

(Use GROW@2ml/liter + Nitro king@3ml/liter + Stress out@2ml/liter of water)


Reproductive Growth Stage:-

1st Spray just before flowering

(Use BLOOM@2ml/liter + Nitro king@3ml/liter + PPFC @2.5 gm/liter of water)


2nd Spray during fruit development stage

(Use BLOOM@2ml/liter + Fruiter@1ml/liter of water)


 Mixing Instruction for Preparation of tank mix:-

  • Fill 1/4 - 1/3 of the spray tank with water. Add the entire amount of the recommended product and stir well before adding next product and then fill up the tank with water. For better result never mix more than 3 GP products together and always use Spread All-90@ 5ml/ 15 liters of tank mix. Perform a compatibility test of the spray-mix prior to large-scale treatment.


General Instruction

  • Spray during the cooler and more humid times of the day
  • Spray when wind is low
  • Never spray plants under stress
  • After spraying rinse thoroughly the sprayer and all its parts with fresh water.